Are you starting a new building project in or around the Hawthorne, FL area? The key to safe and lasting construction is a level foundation. McCroan’s Land & Tree Service, LLC provides excavation services to ensure that your new project is successful from the ground up. We use professional-grade equipment to remove soil at your property to prep for a new foundation. 


Before you start pouring concrete or laying a foundation, you need to make sure the ground at your property is level. We offer excavation, site prep, and demolition services that will lay the groundwork for any type of project.
Ready to get started on your next project? Hire McCroan’s Land & Tree Service for excavation services in Hawthorne, FL and surrounding areas. 


Pond Excavation

McCroan's Land & Tree Service handles all stages of a pond excavation project, from clearing the land and burning brush, to digging the pond, building the dam, installing the overflow system, and filling the pond. If you need an excavator for new pond construction, there’s no better name in town than McCroan's Land & Tree Service! 

Construction Grading

Construction site integrity is crucial to the success of a building project. McCroan's Land & Tree Service can implement any size construction grading job.

Construction grading and site development projects, including project design, demolition, clearing and disposal, prepare the way for the construction of roads, building pads, and other essential utilities. McCroan's Land & Tree Service has the expertise and equipment to bring any commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal building project to life. 

Drainage Control

Businesses, residences, athletic fields, and other community venues need a properly designed drainage system to eliminate water damage and promote operational efficiency. McCroan's Land & Tree Service is a leading provider of drainage and erosion control services. Our team utilizes the latest equipment, technology, and materials to ensure construction site stabilization.

McCroan's Land & Tree Service has the knowledge and experience to design and implement any erosion, sedimentation control, or storm water management plan. As expert excavation contractors, we know how to keep foundations dry and make driveways and parking lots safe. 


If you have a single-story house, building, or barn that needs to come down, McCroan's Land & Tree Service has the equipment and the staff to demolish it safely and in a timely manner.

Our demolition service includes removing the debris and truly clearing the lot to make it usable for another project or to have a new structure built on it.

While other companies charge an arm and a leg for demolition services, McCroan's Land & Tree Service offers affordable and competitive prices that are easy on your wallet. 

Driveway Installation

McCroan's Land & Tree Service are experts in driveway installation. We build simple residential driveways, commercial driveways, and rural driveways, in a variety of surfaces, including gravel, concrete, and dirt. We see to it that the finished product is functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. We also provide driveway repair and maintenance services. 

Horse Arena Construction

There are simply no short cuts when it comes to building a horse arena. From choosing the best location to providing that superior top layer of sand for your horses, the team at McCroan's Land & Tree Service knows what they are doing. If you already have an arena and need it to be resurfaced, we can do that too!

New arena construction and maintenance services:

  • Excavation and base surface preparation
  • Drainage
  • Matting
  • Superior top layer sand material
  • Resurface and repair services

If you have other farm animals and need drainage, watering holes, or a new pen area created, give us a call and we can talk about your options.

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